UPDATE: The Festival is SOLD OUT !!!




Festival Switzerland

14th - 16th August 2020

Schloss Glarisegg,

at the Lake of Constance


Hurrayyy! Since the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has further loosened the Covid-19 measures - our Festival will definitely take place!

Within the coming weeks our team - together with the location Schloss Glarisegg - will work out a plan on how to protect you best. Most important is however that it's your own decision on how closely you want to get in contact / touch with others. More info follows until mid July. Write to us in case you have any questions.

Despite all uncertainties, lots of people have already bought tickets for the Festival - that's fantastic! Thanks for your enthusiasm and trust!

We're looking forward to some wild and unforgettable days with you!

The Wild Love Switzerland Team

The festival is sold out! 

You can subscribe to our waiting list. 

We will inform you in case we have a space for you.

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About the Festival

This is a call!

.... to the mindful lovers, ecstatic dancers, spiritual rebels, joyful cuddlers and nature-loving shamans 

.... to the lionesses, dragons and unicorns out there

.... to all those who believe in the wild innocence of body, heart and soul. 

The WILD LOVE Festival Switzerland is a co-created space. We come together to share our passion and talents. You are called to bring in your cosmic gifts. We learn from each other, inspire and spark each other's flames. Together we ignite the wild love deep within us and transform ourselves, each other and the world. We carry this fire dancing inwards and outwards. 

All wild hearts are welcome - no matter what sexual orientation or identification, how much experience you already have in your backpack or where you currently stand in your life. 

WILD LOVE Switzerland is part of WILD LOVE 2020 - a worldwide movement dedicated to the free expression of authentic, wild love that comes from the core of our hearts. In summer 2020, numerous Wild Love events will take place around the globe. With the festival WILD LOVE Switzerland we contribute to the change that is already taking place within us.

Are you joining in?

A worldwide movement

The soul of the world has set itself in motion. This movement is part of a greater wave that is breaking on the planet as a continuation of what has its beginnings in the sixties. It is the emergence or "coming out" of the heart of humanity.
Over a period of three months, between June and September 2020, an extremely powerful astrological transit will spark a decade of significant and profound changes.
We understand the WILD LOVE Festival as a reflection and amplifier of planetary change.

By coordinating and sharing our unique offerings in this time frame, we seek to amplify the wave and make it visible to a generation of people who are already living or feeling a future that is not yet reflected in the civilization around them.” - Bruce Lyon, mystery school founder & faculty at The International School for Temple Arts (ISTA)

And that is how it works

Following the spirit of the movement, WILD LOVE Switzerland will be a collaborative, participant-driven festival that thrives on  the talents and wisdom of the community. Inspired by Open Space Technology, the festival offers a framework with time slots in which contributions or workshops by participants take place.

Offerings in the areas of body awareness, embodiment, mindfulness, movement and dance, conscious sexuality, forms of relationship and love, shamanic, spiritual and nature-related subjects and everything you associate with "Wild Love" are welcomed. 

Bring in your words, sounds, colours, shapes, games, expressions, knowledge, wisdom and experience - and share them with us. In this way the festival will be shaped by your contribution or your presence. 

All those who want to do so, will present their ideas (up to three) for workshops of 1, 1.5 or 2 hours briefly orally. Afterwards, the number of interested people per workshop will decide which workshops will take place and which will not. The Festival Organisation Team will then determine the appropriate schedule. Workshops can be given in Swiss German, Standard German or English. 

IMPORTANT: If you are new to discovering and immersing yourself in the above-mentioned areas - you are also welcome to 'passively' contribute to the festival with your curiosity and joy of learning. 

Materials & utensils for workshops

Your workshop idea should be feasible without much effort. We will have two or three group rooms available and if the weather is fine, workshops (depending on the topic) can also take place outside. 

Material that is available onsite:

  • Mats & cushions
  • Music system
  • Whiteboard / Flipchart
  • Outside: fireplace, sweat lodge

Tickets & Prices

*** UPDATE: The festival is sold out. You can subscribe to our waiting list below. ***

Do you feel the call? YAY! If so, please register below.

We'll review your registration during the next 4 days and your participation is definitely confirmed if you have not heard from us within these 4 days. You can then continue booking your accommodation of choice directly with the venue (options see below). The good news: their cooking staff will spoil us three times a day with lovingly prepared food - this is also included in the accommodation price. So it is a weekend where you can relax and drift along.

CHF 114 for Early Lion ticket - sold out!

(limited number of discounted tickets for the brave first ones)

CHF 144 for Lion Ticket - sold out!

(normal price)

Accommodation prices depending on accommodation category - from CHF 185 for 2 nights and full board. Ticket plus accommodation & full board for the duration of the festival from CHF 299!


The festival is sold out! 

You can subscribe to our waiting list. 

We will inform you in case we have a space for you.

Festival program
(subject to change)

Wild Love Festival Switzerland 2020 Friday Saturday Sunday
8.30 - 9.30 Uhr Breakfast Breakfast
Morning Open Space / Workshops</span Open Space / Workshops
13 - 15 Uhr Lunch & Relaxation time Lunch & Relaxation time
Afternoon Check in 15:30 / Opening Ceremony 17:00 Open Space / Workshops Closing Ceremony Official End 16:00
18.30 - 20 Uhr Dinner & Break Dinner & Break
Abend Community Time / Ecstatic Dance / Temple Night Community Time / Ecstatic Dance / Temple Night

Accommodation & Food


Glarisegg castle is beautifully situated on Lake Constance - between forest, meadows and a stream with a small waterfall in the community of Steckborn in Switzerland. Our local hosts - an open-hearted community that also lives on the estate - will accommodate and cook for us.
Another highlight: We will enjoy the private beach of the castle - only a few minutes walk from the castle. There we can - how lucky are we - take a bath like mother nature created us.


Once you have registered and booked your ticket via our form you will receive the ticket and a confirmation from our payment system. Your registration is definitely confirmed if you have not heard from us within 4 days after your registration. You can then book your accommodation of choice directly with Schloss Glarisegg

The following options for accommodation are available:  

Prices per person for the duration of the festival (2 nights) for accommodation and food - excluding festival ticket.
INCLUDED: breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as refreshments during breaks.
More dietary options are available (vegan, lactose or gluten free etc.). Please add a note under “your message to the reservation office when you book your accommodation with Schloss Glarisegg

PLEASE NOTE: Rooms are almost fully booked, camping options are still available!

  • CHF 185 for camping (in your own tent)
  • CHF 205 for camping (in own camper) 
  • CHF 215 in a dorm (with own sleeping bag)
  • CHF 230 in a dorm (incl. bed sheets)
  • CHF 235 in a dorm (with 3 to 4 persons), incl. bed sheets)
  • CHF 255 in a double room 
  • CHF 305 in a double room (with own bathroom) 
  • CHF 335 in a single room
  • CHF 405 in a single room (with own bathroom)
  • CHF 141 for neighbours and outside sleepers: lunch and dinner included 

The categories have a limited number of places. 

About us

Our core team of organizers is dedicated to the creation of this festival and to bringing to life in Switzerland the energy and values of the world wide WILD LOVE Movement. 

Our main vision is to create a space that supports the growth of awareness, authenticity, exchange and connection. We believe in the power of sensual-sexual life force energy and explicitly invite those who share the same beliefs and passions to join us for this weekend in summer 2020.

We are graduates of ISTA – The International School of Temple Arts.
ISTA is committed to promoting consciousness and education in sexuality, shamanism and spirituality across the planet, expanding its conscious community, and offering conferences, events, and trainings on these topics.

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