Festival Switzerland

Friday to Monday

27th - 30th August 2021

Schloss Glarisegg at Lake Constance

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"Reaching into the depths. Liberating, touching and heart opening. Stimulating for my everyday life."

"For me it was lively, joyful, connecting. I experienced a loving field, in which I could move freely and always felt fully connected with the people and the spirit, the attitude in the field. I had space and possibilities to experiment while at the same time finding nourishing spaces and encounters to "land" and integrate."

"Thank you for the many wonderful encounters, which still reverberate after the festival. Also the location - the Schloss Glarisegg - was great!"

"I liked the variety of workshops in the Open Space format. I also liked the attentive space keeping of the management team during the whole festival, which always spoke so clearly about setting boundaries. The whole organization was simply top!

"Absolutely mind-blowing."

"It was a beautiful space of opening, challenge and gifts in the challenges. I loved the way people showed up with their offerings. Naked bathing in the lake was amazing. The food was wonderful. I felt like coming home."

"It was magical! A coming together full of trust. Encounters with body, sensuality, respect and love. I'm still touched by this festival today."

Festival Information

drache mitte

This is a Call!

.... to the mindful lovers, ecstatic dancers, spiritual rebels, joyful cuddlers and nature-loving shamans

.... to the lionesses, dragons and unicorns out there

.... to all those who believe in the wild innocence of body, heart and soul.

All wild hearts out there are welcome – regardless of what sexual orientation or identification, how much experience you already have in your backpack or where you are currently standing in your life.

The WILD LOVE Festival Switzerland is a co-created space. We come together to share our passion and talents. You are called to bring your cosmic gifts! We learn from each other, inspire and spark each other's flames. Together we ignite the wild love deep within us and transform ourselves, each other and the world.

This fire, we carry dancing inside and outside.


A Worldwide Movement

WILD LOVE Switzerland is part of  WILD LOVE 2020 - a worldwide movement dedicated to the free expression of the authentic, Wild Love that comes from the center of our Hearts.

In the summer of 2020 numerous Wild Love events took place around the globe. We understand the WILD LOVE Festival Switzerland as a reflection and amplifier of planetary change we are currently in.

Since our festival in 2020 has touched so many people deeply - we would like to continue to nurture this seed. Ahoi 2021!

With the WILD LOVE Festival we want to contribute together to the change in the world that we want to see and that is already taking place within us.

"By sharing our unique skills and gifts during this special time, we are trying to amplify the wave and make it visible to a generation of people who are already living or feeling a future that is not yet reflected in the civilization around them".
- Bruce Lyon, founder of the WILD LOVE movement, and of the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA).



How it works

In keeping with the spirit of the movement, WILD LOVE Switzerland is a collaborative, participatory festival that lives from the gifts, talents and wisdom of the community.

Based on open space technology, the festival will offer a framework of time slots in which contributions or workshops by participants will take place throughout the day.

Offerings in the areas of body awareness, embodiment, mindfulness, movement and dance, conscious sexuality, forms of relationship and love, shamanic, spiritual and nature-related subjects and everything you associate with "Wild Love" are welcome.

Bring in your words, sounds, colours, shapes, games, expressions, your knowledge, wisdom and experience - and share them with us!

In this way the festival will be shaped by your contribution or your presence.

IMPORTANT: Even if you are new to discovering and immersing yourself in the above-mentioned areas, you are welcome to 'passively' contribute to the festival with your curiosity and joy of learning.

During the first day, all those wanting to present their ideas (maximum 3) for workshops, rituals, offerings etc. within time frames of 1hr, 1.5 hr, 2 hrs or 2.5 hours do so briefly orally and written. Afterwards, based on the number of interested people, it will be decided which workshops will take place or not. The Festival  Team will then determine the appropriate schedule. Workshops can be given in Swiss German, German or English.

The official language during the festival (for organisational matters and announcements to the whole group) will be English. However, the workshops can also be held in German.

If you don't speak English or not so well, you can find someone to translate for you. People from the group of participants are always happy to help with this.

Materials & utensils for workshops

Your workshop idea should be feasible without much effort. We will have two or three group rooms available and if the weather is fine, workshops (depending on the topic) can also be held outside. Material that is available on site:

  • Mats & seat cushions
  • Music system
  • Whiteboard / flipchart
  • Outside: fireplace, sweat lodge

Festival program
(subject to change)

Wild Love Festival Switzerland 2021 Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
8.30 - 9.30am
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
Morning Workshops


Workshops Workshops
1 - 3pm
Lunch & Break Lunch & Break Lunch & Break
Afternoon 2.30pm Check-in 

4pm Opening Ceremony

Workshops Workshops Closing Ceremony

4pm Official Ending
6.30 - 8pm
Dinner & Break Dinner & Break Dinner & Break
Evening Community Time /

Ecstatic Dance

Community Time /

Temple Night

Community Time /

Temple Night


Accomodation & Venue


Glarisegg castle is beautifully situated on Lake Constance - between forest, meadows and a stream with a small waterfall in the community of Steckborn in Switzerland. Our local hosts - an open-hearted community that also lives on the estate - will accommodate and cook for us.

Another highlight: We will enjoy the private beach of the castle - only a few minutes walk from the castle. There we can - how lucky are we - take a bath like mother nature created us.

Wow, that was quick...

Tickets are sold out !

You didn't get a ticket? Sign up for the wating list.
You will receive an email, if we have a space for you.

Do you feel called? Jupiduu! Then register here and buy your ticket. Afterwards, book your preferred accommodation directly at Glarisegg Castle (you will receive the link in the registration process).

Festival Ticket Prices
Between CHF 178 and 278. Find your price within this scale.
In order to feel what kind of energy exchange is right for you, you can ask yourself the following questions: How am I doing financially? How much may I contribute? How much is this festival worth to me?

Accommodation & Food
The community at Glarisegg Castle will spoil us three times a day with lovingly prepared food - this is included in the accommodation price. So it is a long weekend where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

All prices per person for the duration of the festival (3 nights) for accommodation and food - excluding festival ticket.
Including: Breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as refreshments during breaks.
All food is organic and vegetarian / vegan.

The following options are available - prices PER PERSON:

CHF 270.- for camping (in your own tent)
CHF 300.- for camping (in your own camper)
CHF 315.- in the dormitory (with own sleeping bag)
CHF 330.- in dormitory (incl. bed linen)
CHF 345.- in a 3 to 4 bed room
CHF 375.- in a double room
CHF 450.- in a double room (with private bathroom)
CHF 495.- in a single (room)
CHF 204.- for neighbours and off-site sleepers: lunch and dinner included

The categories have a limited number of places.

About us

WL Team2021

Our core team of organisers is dedicated to the creation of this festival and to bringing to life the principles of the worldwide WILD LOVE Movement in Switzerland.

Our vision  is to create a space that supports the growth of awareness, authenticity, exchange and connection. We believe in the power of sensual-sexual life energy and explicitly invite those who share the same beliefs and passions to join us for this journey.

We are graduates of ISTA - The International School of Temple Arts. ISTA is committed to promoting awareness and education in sexuality, shamanism and spirituality across the planet, expanding the community and offering conferences, events and training on these topics.


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